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Recently I have published a brief essay on the way I conceive a new work and my approach to the Study on love on the 4/2017 edition of Konteksty, a polish publication about cultural anthropology, etnography and art.okladka_4_2017

Review by Alexandra Baybutt – July 2016 Context Festival of Ephemeral Art, Sokolowsko, Poland

“I first saw the figure, clad in white bandages and suspended by rope hovering just off the ground, from afar. I got closer to join the audience encircling her, and we peer at small photographs of her attached to her body, and it becomes clear we can even unwrap her if we wish. Was I supposed to feel provoked at the possibility of increased nudity? Hardly. Was I supposed to help? Did this work expose something about our ease as audiences to be bystanders to inertia?
Can the body, does the body, will the body, should the bodies, when will the body, what can the body, is the body, what will the body, can we the body, be the body, should her body, how can her body, should we, should she, when will, not the, safe but, exposed body, naked body, ring fenced body, can, we, must.
She was separate but we were together.”

http://www.contexts.com.pl/pl/2016/07/to-walk-away-and-walk-towards13769501_10209988383695342_6041135514598785640_n(Photo Shibata Ayano)

upcoming events

July 1/5 – Sokolowsko, Poland  I will be giving a workshop and performance at the Contexts Festival of Ephemeral Art

July 9 – Conzano Monferrato, Italy – performance as closing event of the Cocoaa Project

more photos from Angelo Bruno taken at Moody Space in Orvieto

Posting some photos by Lorenzo Scoppoletti and Angelo Bruno, taken yesterday at Moody Space during the performance.

There was about 40 people, most of them were shy, not coming near me, only 3 persons came to explore the body hanging, but still I felt very good, with Stefano Zazzera improvising music, and Micaela Mica Bechini projecting the video she’s made for the performance.

September 30 at 19 I will present the Study in Orvieto, Italy, at the Moody Space, a dance club, concert and performance venue

Project curated by Renata Summo-O’Connell, Artegiro Contemporary Art


Finally uploading the video of the project, that was performed as work in progress at the Estudio Mobile Cenografia e Design in San Paulo, Brasil, in september 2014. Still, slowly, working on it…

Here are some photos of the event Study on love in San Paulo in september. It was hosted by Espaço Art’er in their set design’s workshop and was curated by Renata Summo O’Connell and Anna Mega. There were about 40 people, including some friends, some artists and some very young and elder neighbours. So the public was quite different in age and interests and it’s been quite an experience to perform. They stayed long time just sitting and watching, and would come and “look” at me closely, with or without  hand lens, in waves, many of them at once, or none. Finally some of the older people came also very close and it’s been so strong for me that they accept this kind of exchange. After one hour hanging I could not stay any longer, and I realize I had no idea how to end it and since people was still sitting around watching, I just unhooked myself and left. After showering and spending some time alone, I came back out and I was pretty amazed that most of the people waited around, and wanted to spend some time talking. The meeting with the older people was so special, their openness and curiosity and the respect I felt was really incredible.

Second step after Artegiro residency and first collaboration between Artegiro and Espaço Art’er September 21st the Study on love will be performed for the first time with public in São Paulo, Brasil. Still a work-in-progress, this event will help me to develop it into it’s final (if there will be a final…) form. laura_flyer_esec-2

Residency is finished july 13, after a meeting with the village people, presenting the work I had done during it, and a puppet show. It was good to be able to make people of the village partecipating a bit on my work, after they have been so kind and gentle, and have seen me looking like a ghost going back and forth from the Villa to the rehearsal space, without, yet, having a clue on what I was doing.
Now, back in my home I will have to keep my focus, write a diary, which I kind of did while in Villa Vidua, draw some more, and make a plaster cast of my body, so I can work on sculpting during the cold season.
Seems like more I get into this project, more I feel how vast it is, and how much I want to approach it from different points of view. I think it will be a long work in progress.